About Patton Stephens

I am many things at heart, and most recently and for several more years to come, a heart that is exploring life through the lens of Midlife.   My interests and work have been in the areas of leadership development and coaching, spiritual awareness and personal growth facilitation, mindful parenting (and living), and writing.  One day it all came together with my idea to start a blog on “Thriving in Midlife,” voilà!

Most of us are no longer creating and giving life to others in Midlife.  Instead, Midlife offers the chance to accept the energy of life back as a gift to ourselves, one that can nourish us and the budding wisdom that lives in the cells of our stronger sense of who we are, our new and changing mix of hormones, and the larger amount of time we have—perhaps—for ourselves.  A new way of being can emerge in this Midlife potpourri if given the nourishment and attention it deserves.

And that is what this blog is about:  Providing a respectful and nourishing salute to the matter of reemerging in Midlife.

In addition to exploring and writing about Midlife, I am the mother of two younger teen children, a wife of sixteen years, and Director of Operations and Client Services for a small leadership development company (www.tenconversations.com).  Even though it takes work and frequent reframing, these worlds overlap quite naturally and together weave the fabric of a warm and enveloping life, for which I am grateful.

I welcome your company on the journey of this blog – and in the thriving!



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